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Our platform is designed to make managing your rental business easier and more efficient.
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The customer is always right and in this case, he just wants to enjoy. With Pulso we streamline the paperwork to make your reception and process efficient and smooth.
Choice of Equipment
Select the type of sports equipment you desire to rent or reserve.
Check Availability
Check that the equipment you wish to rent is available at the establishment.
Make the Reservation
Make the reservation of the sports equipment, either through the facility's online store or on-site.
Custom Payment
Make the payment for the rental, reservation or deposit of the sports equipment.
Make your customers feel comfortable and only worry about what really matters, which bike am I going to choose today? Come on, today I'll take the downhill one!
Pick Up the Equipment
Pick up your sports equipment at the store, always with the advice of the staff.
Review & Accept Conditions
Check the status of the equipment and make the appropriate observations.
Use and Return the Material
Use the sports equipment during the agreed time and end the rental by returning it in good condition.
Report Damage or Loss
Make a damage report or create a task. If it needs to be repaired, send the request to the workshop.
Treat your most precious asset as it deserves. There are many tasks that have to be done to keep all your equipment in good condition, with our tool you will be able to track and visualize all your related tasks so you don't forget any of them.
Pay Damage or Loss
Pay for any damage or loss of sports equipment before returning it.
Deposit Refound
Receive a refund for the reservation of the sports equipment if it is returned in good condition.
Task of the Staff and Workshop
The staff performs the tasks corresponding to the use of the equipment.
Equipment Status Follow-up
Follow the status of your equipment.
Are you ready to take part?
Don't fall behind in the race to stay competitive! Many companies are already using pulse to stay ahead, and you can too by joining in on the trend.
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We know that onboarding any new operational process can be complicated. At Pulso we have been in charge of defining the simplest onboarding in the market and we are the ones who adapt.

We don't want you to lose your workflow and we know that the best process is the simplest one. Our platform will help you forget about all the headaches and you will have it ready in a few quick steps.
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Is the Basic plan enough for my business?
Do you have gear to rent? Say no more! Our product team has designed the basic plan for small businesses looking to go digital and get their business on track. If you are already established in the market and you are looking to grow, we recommend the standard plan. Contact our sales team and we will advise you!
How much material can I enter in the system?
The system allows you to enter all the material you want without any restriction.
Will it be difficult for my team to adapt to work with Pulso?
The answer is no! We created Pulso with the idea of facilitating and streamlining processes through digitization. As a business, you won't have to do anything you didn't do before, you will be able to choose among our functionalities to adapt them to your current processes.
How much time do you save thanks to Pulso?
One of the many advantages of working with us. Our customers report taking 1/5 of the time to complete the rental process.
Can I define the exact price of my products?
Yes, with total freedom. During the onboarding process you will have the opportunity to define the price according to different parameters: Days, Hours, Months, etc.
How do the pre & post reports work?
The tool will allow you to select where and what kind of incidents your material has. Before and after the rental. This way you will be able to track the incidents.
How is the equipment identified?
If you hire the basic plan, the material will simply be identified on the platform by simple numbers assigned by the business. From the standard plan onwards, we will provide you with QR stickers that will allow you to identify and recognize it easily.