Paula Segarra
7th March 2023
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Alaïa Bay Goes Digital with Pulso’s Rental Software
Pulso’s operations management software streamlines surfboard rental process at Alaïa Bay, resulting in an 80% reduction in rental time and a fully digitized rental operation.

As co-founder of Pulso, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Alaïa Bay and witness its incredible waves for surfing. It was a perfect day for it, and I couldn't wait to hit the waves. However, I was taken aback when I saw the rental process was entirely manual. The process involved long queues, filling out paperwork, and selecting boards, which took a considerable amount of time and could sometimes lead to frustration and impatience.
As someone who understands the value of streamlining processes, I knew there had to be a better way to enhance the customers' experience. That's when Alaïa Bay decided to implement our operations management software, and the difference was astounding.
With the software in place, the rental process became more efficient, faster, and convenient. Customers could now rent their boards in minutes and have more time to enjoy all the exciting activities the location had to offer. Additionally, the software provides the company with valuable insights into customers' demand for surfboards, allowing them to optimize the supply of boards and ensure customers always have the perfect board to surf.
The software enabled to:
- Reduce the rental process time by up to 80%,
- Eliminate piles of paperwork and,
- Create a fully digitized rental operation. 

The improvement in the customer experience was significant, allowing Alaïa Bay to better meet their customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
In addition to streamlining the rental process, we also connected the rental system with the internal workshop of the facility. This connection allowed us to ensure that the surfboards are always in excellent condition for customers to use. Our software enables Alaïa Bay to monitor the status of the surfboards in real-time, making it easier for the workshop team to repair and maintain the boards when needed. As a result, customers can always expect to surf with a board in excellent condition, enhancing their experience there. This integration has further improved the operational efficiency of the facility, ensuring a seamless rental and surfing experience for customers.

In fact, here is a part of the testimony of Anton Soekeland, Alaïa's Surf Coach and key person in the implementation process:

“Before the implementation of Pulso, the rental process at the pool was inefficient and time-consuming. With their technology, the rental process at Alaia Bay was revolutionized. Pulso streamlined the operations, reducing the time it took to collect client data and enabling staff members to focus more on helping surfers choose the right board. Overall, the implementation of Pulso greatly improved the digitalization of our installation.” 

If you visit this Swiss gem, you'll notice a QR code from Pulso on the rack, which was the starting point of their digitalization journey. The software has allowed the pool to fully embrace the benefits of digitalization, improving their operational efficiency and the customers' experience.

Overall, the implementation of our operations management software has been a major success for Alaïa, streamlining operations, enhancing the customer experience, and digitizing the rental process. We're proud to have contributed to the success and to have been a part of this journey.
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